Psychoanalytic Training Program

Our Psychoanalytic Training Program takes place over a minimum of five years through the threefold process long established in psychoanalysis: Didactic Seminars, Personal Psychoanalysis, and Supervised Clinical Work, resulting in Certification as a Psychoanalyst. read more

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Training Programs at NPI

Newport Psychoanalytic Institute is proud to present programs that enhance clinical practice.  NPI welcomes both early-career clinicians who wish to pursue an in-depth introduction to psychoanalytic psychotherapy, as well as more experienced clinicians seeking to deepen their clinical understanding of fundamental principles and to expand their exposure to psychoanalytic theory and technique.

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In the thirty-plus years since the founding of Newport Psychoanalytic Institute, we have been honored to have many of the most well known and inspiring speakers at our yearly conferences. Past presenters have included Christopher Bollas, James Grotstein, Philip Bromberg, Fred Busch, Robert Stolorow, Salmon Akhtar, Avner Bergstein, Fred Pine and many more. Each year our continuing education committee, Psychoanalytics Alive, works to bring the very best experience to our members, students, and community. This year we are very pleased to host Steve Kuchuck DSW, Peter Goldberg Ph.D. and Nancy McWilliams Ph.D. as our featured conference presenters.

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Upcoming Events


Dr. Andrea Celenza

The Erotic in our Being and Work
February 29, 2020 – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM



What can Psychoanalysis Contribute to the Care of Physical Illness and Pain?

APRIL 25, 2020


Saturday Salon Series

Dr. Martha Carr

Finding Words for Wordless Grief

March 20, 2020

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