Ethics Committee And Procedures


Ethics Procedures at NPI

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Newport Psychoanalytic Institute maintains the highest ethical standards in its training and professional activities. Furthermore, we endorse and uphold the ethical standards provided and enumerated by the American Psychoanalytical Association (APsA). As in many organizations, psychoanalytic institutes have a long history of poor boundaries with destructive consequences. Adhering to these guidelines without considering oneself an exception makes it easier to successfully manage social motivations and countertransference in interpersonal professional interactions. Firm boundaries help analysts and supervisors avoid the negative consequences of boundary violations or multiple roles with patients and supervisees.

Filing A Complaint

Who may file a complaint?

Any member or student who thinks that a NPI member or faculty has acted illegally, irresponsibly, unethically or unprofessional may file a complaint with the Ethics Committee.

What types of complaints may be filed?

sexual contact with a patient

    violating a patient’s confidentiality
    drug abuse
    unprofessional or unethical acts
    dual relationships

If you are unsure if your complaint is reportable please contact the Ombudsman.

Can complaints be made anonymously?

While anonymous complaints will be reviewed, they may be impossible to pursue unless they contain documented evidence of the allegations made.


Making the Complaint

If you wish to file a complaint of ethical violation you can download the complaint form HERE

You may fill out the form and mail it back to

or you can mail it to:

Dr. Cheryl Dale – Ombudsman
c/o 250 W Main St., Suite 202
Tustin, CA 92780

Your complaint and information will be kept confidential.