Admissions/Annual Reports and Documents



We welcome your interest in advancing your psychoanalytic training.

You are taking a profound step towards broadening and deepening your understanding of the human experience. Through psychoanalytic training you afford yourself the opportunity to greatly enhance your work. This page is designed to help you navigate through the application process for the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute.

NPI’s programs admit qualified applicants and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, handicap, or national or ethnic origin.

Application Requirements: Download the application packet below.



Applicants to all programs are required to submit the following:

  1. Photocopy of professional license. (Applicants practicing under another’s license must provide a copy of that license and a letter from that license holder authorizing participation in the Institute Program.)
  2. Photocopy of face sheet of current Malpractice Insurance Policy.
  3. Letters of recommendation. To be sent to directly to the Institute. (Use Institute forms provided with application packet.)
    • Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Certificate in Research Psychoanalyst Registration: Three letters of recommendation
    • Psychoanalytic Psychoanalysis Program: Two letters of recommendation
  4. Signed Certificate of Understanding.
  5. Official copy of graduate transcripts. (Request forms included in application packet.)
  6.  Autobiography.
    • This is an opportunity for you to tell your story. Please take a minimum of 3-4 double spaced pages to reflect on the life experiences and the psychological development that has brought you to this moment of making application to a psychoanalytic institute.
    • Your autobiography will be read before your first interview with the Director of Admissions to help her/him get to know you.
  7. Professional Vitae (to include the following):
    •  Clinical training and work experience.
    • Setting
    • Population
    • Individual Responsibility
    • Supervision received (include all internships)
    • Current employment (Please include place of work, the nature and description of your position)
    • Other professional interests and activities (i.e. research teaching, community work and publications).
  8.  A $150.00 non-refundable application fee by August 31, 2023; $200 after August 31, 2023.


Interview Process – All Applicants:

Following completion of the application file, applicants for psychoanalytic training will be scheduled for interviews. The Admission Committee considers readiness to work at the graduate level and applicants’ motivation and potential to think independently and to deeply explore human nature, including self and others.

Important Documents

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