About NPI

About NPI

The Newport Psychoanalytic Institute (NPI) offers a rich and diverse training experience for clinicians and therapists wanting to further their education in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Established in 1983, NPI serves the Los Angeles, Pasadena and Orange County areas.

We provide a supportive community of professional psychoanalysts dedicated to helping psychotherapy candidates and students find their own unique and creative analytic voice. In the spirit of intellectual openness, theoretical diversity, and academic excellence, NPI provides a wide range of training programs to post graduate, licensed mental health professionals as well as doctoral level professionals in other fields with an interest in psychoanalytic training.

Psychoanalytic Training And Continuing Education

As the training division of the Newport Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, NPI views psychoanalysis as both science and art. With campuses located in Tustin and Pasadena , NPI is committed to providing psychoanalytic training and continuing education for clinicians, as well as creative and thought provoking events for the community highlighting psychoanalysis in the arts. NPI is a California Nonprofit for Public Benefit Corporation.

At NPI we offer a broad range of programs and special events, as well as a variety of continuing education opportunities:

Academic Training Offered

Certificate in Psychoanalysis

Our core program in psychoanalysis takes place over a minimum of five years through the threefold process long established in psychoanalysis: Didactic Seminars (including the doctoral clinical paper), Personal Psychoanalysis, and Supervised Clinical Work, resulting in certification as a Psychoanalyst.

Research Psychoanalyst Registration

NPI is approved by the California State Medical Board of Medical Quality Assurance to train and register Research Psychoanalysts. Persons with Ph.D.s in fields related to Psychoanalysis (Anthropology, History, Literature, etc.), who are not licensed to practice psychotherapy, can be trained in this category. Research candidates must have taught or done research.

A registered Research Psychoanalyst is an individual who has graduated from an approved psychoanalytic institution and is registered with the Medical Board of California. Research Psychoanalysts may engage in psychoanalysis as an adjunct to teaching, training or research. Additionally, students who are currently enrolled in an approved psychoanalytic institution and are registered with the Medical Board as a Student Research Psychoanalyst may engage in psychoanalysis under supervision.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

NPI offers certification in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy designed to give students an introduction to psychoanalytic theory, thinking and technique. The program consists of both topic oriented seminars and case discussions, and clinical consultations with graduate analysts.  Students may choose to go on into an additional year of advanced training and receive CEU’s if they choose.

Students enrolled in the certificate program have the opportunity to transfer some class credit to the full psychoanalytic training program if they desire.

Psychoanalytic Couples Therapy

In this time of vulnerable marriages and partnerships, many couples seek help for their relationships. Psychoanalytic couple therapy is a growing application of psychoanalysis for which training is not usually offered in most psychoanalytic and analytic psychotherapy programs.

Programs and Events

NPI continues to offer exciting and thought provoking continuing education seminars, workshops, conferences and programs designed for all who wish to deepen their knowledge of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Our goal is to address the needs of practicing clinicians, counselors, therapists, MFT’s, LCSW’s,  graduate and post-graduate students, and is tailored to meet the different developmental levels of individuals who are interested in beginning –as well as furthering– their psychoanalytic experience.

With offices in Pasadena and Tustin, we are able to provide continuing education and events in both Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Newport Psychoanalytic Institute is approved to operate by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (www.bppe.ca.gov), the Medical Board of California and the California Board of Behavioral Science.  Approval to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth by the Education Code. Our programs do not qualify the recipient to sit for the licensing examination  in the field of psychology, marriage and family therapy or clinical social work.  They do, however, qualify for continuing education units in those fields.