NPI Conferences 2021-2022

NPI’s 2021-2022 Conference Schedule

The Talking Cure: A Neuropsychoanalytic Perspective

About this Lecture

This three-part lecture will describe some recent developments in the neurosciences which have implications for the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. The first lecture will focus on changes in our understanding of what is conscious and unconscious in the brain. This requires us to distinguish sharply between what Freud called the ‘id’ and the ‘system Unconscious’. The implications for the theory of ‘repression’ are particularly important clinically. The second lecture will focus on what Freud called ‘drive theory’. There are not two emotional drives at work in the brain but rather seven. Since these represent the basic emotional needs of the human being, the clinical implications of this new classification of the drives are immense. The third lecture focusses on these clinical implications, in a practical way. The main issues that will be discussed are (a) the mode of therapeutic action of the ‘talking cure’, (b) our understanding of ‘transference’ and (c) the importance of ‘working through’.

There will be a 1.5 hour follow-up discussion group on October 16, 2021 led by Dr. Terence Ford. Attendance at the discussion group will cost an additional $10,00