Past NPI Conferences



Part 1 – The Pandemic as an apres coup

Part 2 The work of Sandor Ferenczi and the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Society

The work of Ferenczi, the Hungarian Psychoanalytic world and the Unwelcome Child. This lecture will contextualize Ferenczi’s life and work in the context of the Hungarian Psychoanalytic Movement and in the context of political and social unrest.

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Dr. Lynne Layton, Dr. Medria Connolly, and Dr. Bryan Nichols

Social Psychoanalysis and an Ethic of Repair

Dr. Layton, Dr. Connolly, and Dr. Nichols explore how we, as citizens and therapists, both unconsciously replicate and can resist replicating harmful, unequal relations. We will think together about how to address the places in our different subjective and communal worlds where harm has been done–and engage together on how to make repair.  MORE

Dr. Kathryn Zerbe

When Secrets Emerge in Psychotherapy: New Perspectives on the Body, Somatic Countertransference and Self-Care in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

The body-mind relationship is receiving new attention in psychodynamic clinical work in the 21st century. The countertransference impact on the therapist of treating a group of patients who keep secrets and the role this plays in the development of somatic (body) countertransference therapist will be demonstrated in clinical case examples. MORE

Dr. Mark Solms

The Talking Cure: A Neuropsychoanalytic Perspective

This three-part lecture will describe some recent developments in the neurosciences which have implications for the theory and practice of psychoanalysis. The main issues that will be discussed are the mode of therapeutic action of the ‘talking cure’, our understanding of ‘transference’ and the importance of ‘working through’. MORE

Dr. Marilyn Jacobs

What can Psychoanalysis Contribute to the Care of Physical Illness and Pain?

In health care settings worldwide, psychological treatments of pain-related physical illness have been dominated by therapies aimed at conscious control and stress management (i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy and its derivatives) leading to the marginalization of psychoanalytic perspectives.  This course will provide an alternative viewpoint. MORE

p goldberg
Peter Goldberg, Ph.D.

Psychosomatic Dissociation:Its Role in Psychical Life and in the Clinical Encounter

Dissociation has belatedly become a topic of inquiry in psychoanalytic clinical theory, usually as part of the phenomenology of trauma. A comprehensive psychoanalytic model of dissociation should account not just for its pathological effects, but also for its everyday function in psychical life. In this presentation, the specific mechanism of body-mind dissociation will be defined, and contrasted with our understanding of the mechanisms of repression and splitting. MORE

Dr. Steven Kuchuck, DSW

On the Therapeutic Action and Clinical Limitations of Love

In  this day-long conference Dr. Steve Kuchuck explores love, the effect that clinicians have been taught to keep quiet or to completely ignore. Because psychoanalytic history is full of love or lust that has led to broken boundaries and broken lives clinicians tend to be especially wary of exploring the enlivening and growth-enhancing feeling .. MORE

Dr. Lawrence Hedges

Call of Darkness – Managing Suicidality

This intermediate to advanced course for mental health professionals begins with the awareness that our ability to predict suicide is little better than chance and that at present there are no consistently reliable empirically validated treatment techniques to prevent suicide. MORE

Nancy McWilliams PH.D.

Clinical Implications of the Continuum of Personality Structure

This workshop is informed by Wittgenstein’s observation that how we talk about things structures how we think about them. How we name and subdivide mental suffering has profound effects on how we understand and treat it. Psychoanalysts find the “neo-Kraepelinian” premise of the current DSM (categorical concepts, with present-versus absent criteria) inconsistent with clinical experience…MORE


In the thirty-plus years since the founding of Newport Psychoanalytic Institute, we have been honored to have many of the most well known and inspiring speakers at our yearly conferences. Past presenters have included Christopher Bollas, James Grotstein, Philip Bromberg, Fred Busch, Robert Stolorow, Salman Akhtar, Avner Bergstein, Fred Pine, Steve Kuchuck, Peter Goldberg, Nancy McWilliams, Martha Stark and many more. Each year our events committee works to bring the very best experience to our members, students, and community. This year we are very pleased to host Mark Solms, Kathryn Zerbe and Lynne Layton as our featured conference presenters.