Baby and (M)Other

Baby and (M)Other

About the Instructor

Dr. Robin Goldberg is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Orange County, California, working with infants and their caregivers, children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Goldberg, trained at the Newport Psychoanalytic Institute as a research psychoanalyst, holds a doctorate in Theater and Performance Studies from Northwestern University. A supervising and training analyst, Dr. Goldberg served as Dean of NPI and currently directs the program Thinking and Working Developmentally at NPI. She loves to play, and is pleased to bring that spirit to her teaching at NPI and to the training of psychiatry residents and child and adolescent psychiatry fellows at UCI.

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Substance Abuse & Addiction

About this Course

Through moving film and video micro-analyses, we will think together about the psychological birth of the infant in relation to the other, about what predispositions the human infant enters the world with and how these predispositions interact through body mind and world to impact the developing personality. We will engage with the work of developmental psychoanalysts Louis Sander, Daniel Stern, Beatrice Beebe and Steven Seligman as we think about the foundations of attachment and the qualities of vitality that underlie our relational ways of knowing.

Course Objectives

Through this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the psychological beginnings of the newborn through the interactions of body mind and world in the first two weeks of life
  2. Discuss the entrainment of empathy through the attunement of good enough (M)othering
  3. Identify the contributions of Lois Sander, Daniel Stern, Beatrice Beebe, and Steven Seligman to developmental psychoanalysis.

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  • May 15, 2021
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm
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