Infant Observation

Due to Covid-19 this course will be offered at a later date

Observe and experience an infant as she or he develops from birth and join an infant observation seminar.

3 trimesters of 10 weeks each, Friday mornings, 8:20 – 9:50, Tustin Campus


Course Overview:

The close and regular observation of an infant is a powerful tool in deepening an understanding of early development and of the roots of adult mental life. Infant observation groups give participants an opportunity to discuss these powerfully affecting experiences with the guidance of a psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Infant observation and the associated seminar is designed to help to develop the skills of observation and self-reflection that are crucial to the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy with children or adults.

Participants find a mother and infant to observe for one hour a week. The observations take place in the infant’s home and should start as soon after birth as possible. Guidance is given on how to conduct the observation.

The observations are made in a family that is not known to the observer. You will learn to maintain the role of an observer who participates in the interpersonal field, without making judgements or giving advice.  Being present in the unfolding of the first year of life is an evocative emotional experience. Through it, you will have the opportunity to develop as a self-reflective and curious participant-observer, as preparation for the role of psychotherapist or psychoanalysis.


For more information contact:

Program Director:  Robin Goldberg, Ph.D., Psy.D., RP, 714.573-9044 or [email protected]

NPI Administrative Director:  Venita De Souza, 714.505-9080 or [email protected]